VEVA is an American electronic pop singer, dancer, songwriter and poet based out of Florida. She officially began her professional music journey with the release of her debut single “H.E.R.” in October of 2011. “H.E.R” is a dynamic yet sexy upbeat dance tune that is concept driven. VEVA was born in Toledo, a small industrial town in Ohio. Having big dreams and living in a small town made it very hard for the up and coming singer. With little to no support from her peers she needed someone or something to see her dreams as a reality. VEVA met long time best friend and music mate Matthew Paul back in the early 2000’s. When Matthew noticed the incredible vocal talent VEVA had he knew then and there; The two of them had something. They started out by meeting with producers and trying to feel out production and sounds. It wasn’t until last year they met producer Justin Diggs, a Full Sail Graduate from Washington D.C. Justin produced and collaborated the debut single “H.E.R.” which started VEVA! Now out with her new synth and bass heavy dance track “Love Gun” VEVA is taking on the world one beat at a time.