NickNervous’s sound is unmistakable. The Idaho based duo beautifully blends haunting vocals, with masterfully penned lyrics that defy genre and leave the listener simply enchanted and constantly wanting to hear more.


NickNervous is made up of Caiti & Kelsi Fadness, two sisters who both grew up with deep musical roots and have always had a strong singing and writing talent. However, the duo didn’t start with similar musical paths, at all.


After graduating high school the sisters went their separate ways. They both moved to different cities with the objective of exploring the world and finding themselves as individual artists. However, over time, the two simply realized that their silky sibling voices and unique quirky style were just, “better together”.


In 2014, the duo, taking their name from their dad’s 80’s band, released their debut EP, The Art of Breaking Down. The EP has been widely acclaimed for it’s genre bending sound that meshes home-town folk, with beautifully composed indie-pop. The track, A Ghost, turned out to be a particularly impressive track, catching the attention of various film makers for placement in their work, as well as providing some exciting co-writing opportunities for the duo.


In February of 2015 NickNervous returned to the studio in order to begin work on their full-length debut album. This next project will surely be an even greater extension of the immense talent coming from this small town and incredibly talented vocal team.