Complimentary Kick-Off 30 minute artist over view phone session (Valued at $100.) MUSIC LICENSING We match up-and-coming indie artists with brands as well as creatives in film, television and advertising and video games. We will pitch your single to our music supervisor contacts for their current projects. BRAND EVALUATION We evaluate your current artist branding, imaging and messaging. PLAYLIST PROMOTION The playlist is the most powerful medium in music. Our team works with over 500 Playlist Curators to get artists placed and help create momentum as well as builds customized playlists for brands. We will pitch your single to our playlist curator contacts. SOCIAL MEDIA BLAST We will share your single release via EMG socials and pitch your single to our blog contacts CHART QUALIFICATION Chart qualification is one of the most valuable services Experience Music Group offers. Since Billboard decides the genre of the artists on their charts, it is critical to get this verified prior to your release. We will get Billboard to listen to your release, flag the charts you are eligible for, if necessary appeal their decision to change the charts (pending they agree with your reasoning) and then pull the SoundScan data of the artists currently at the top and bottom of those charts so you know how many sales and streams it will take for your title to chart.