Are you Experienced?


No really, don’t think about the word. Think about the idea. And then imagine you’re flying inside your mind, powered by divine turbine.


What does one seek more than anything? An immersion of senses. A cataclysm of excursion. A destiny that’s self-evident. Serendipity that’s ever-present.


Are you seeking an other-worldly Experience, rooted in sentience? One that can change, go against the grain, rearrange and claim uncharted terrain.


We’re tired of cliché mâché, of applying a new coat of paint. We’re bored with slathers of lacquer and bland strands dotting the wasteland.


Who’s gonna invest in that. Not us. Because we’re Experienced.


It’s not just happenstance, it’s a bonafide romance. We started ours at the beginning of the millennium, at the vortex of the space-time continuum.


Two men. One plan.


We could blather on about synergy, building a bridge, cementing the gap and a bunch of other crap but who wants to hear that.


We could name drop our work with Sony, placing songs in Super Bowl commercials, our long-standing relationship with American and United Airlines, creative partnerships with Disney, having viral videos on YouTube, chart positions on Billboard, Spotify playlist promotion and blah, blah, blah…hurrah, hurrah, hurrah. Que Sera, Sera.


We have the tunes. Whether they sing, croon or make beats from the dark side of the moon, we know the who’s who from here to Timbuktu. Call us the dudes with a groove for every mood.


We have a need for speed. A proficiency for efficacy. Branding, Social Media Marketing, Digital Content Strategy, Licensing, Playlisting,  Presentation and every iteration of Illumination. Elevation enters into every equation.


Paranormal is the new normal. Ecstatic for every plane as we apparate in a new way, every day.


Are you ready to get Experienced?


We're serious.


Let’s get delirious.


Evan Stein & Martin Weiner, Co-Founders, Experience Music Group